Bengaluru water crisis: Posh flat owners use mall toilets, government restricts car washing, gardening, fountains

Because of the water issue in Bengaluru, life in the city that is known as the center of information technology has become very uncomfortable. As a consequence of the impact of El Nino, there was a significant lack of precipitation in the year 2023. As a consequence, the groundwater table not only decreased but also … Read more

Tata Motors Demerger: Moody’s Maintains Ba3 Ratings With Positive Outlook

According to Moody’s Investor Service, the credit ratings of Tata Motors Ltd. have been confirmed with a positive outlook. This is because it is anticipated that a planned demerger within the company will result in growth while simultaneously maintaining a balanced financial strategy. It was necessary to take these steps to guarantee that the organization … Read more

Why Did Google Remove Indian Play Store Apps?

The situation has transpired in the following manner up until this point: Google released a public announcement on March 1st, stating that it will be deleting the applications of almost a dozen different companies from its marketplace for Android applications. This announcement was made public. It has been made known to the general population. During … Read more

We Shall Prevent Hegemony In The Indian Ocean.

When India’s Minister of Defense, Rajnath Singh, warned that India will not tolerate hegemony or coercion in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR), he included a veiled allusion to China’s expansionist ambition. This statement was made about China’s expansionist plan. Rajnath, who was in Goa to inaugurate the new navy war college facility, made a statement … Read more

Brookings, Claims That India Has Eliminated Extreme Poverty!

Brookings Institution, a think tank based in the United States, praised India for its effective efforts to eradicate severe poverty in a report that was only recently made public. The research was released just recently. This achievement is an important historical milestone when seen from the perspective of the socioeconomic environment of the nation. The … Read more

Digvijaya Singh Says: Rebel MLAs Would Be Punished!

In a statement that was released on Friday, Digvijaya Singh stated that the appropriate actions will be taken against six Congress Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) in Himachal Pradesh who engaged in cross-voting during the Rajya Sabha elections that were just recently finished. These Members of the Legislative Assembly were chosen to serve in … Read more