DMK MP A Raja Calls ‘India Not A Nation’, BJP Wants ‘Arrest’

Amit Malviya shared a video of the speech in Tamil. He also provided an English version of the reported remarks.

The Bharatiya Janata Party said on Tuesday that DMK MP A Raja used a recent “hate speech” to mock Lord Ram and challenge the concept of India. Amit Malviya, BJP leader, released the alleged speech on X, claiming that the controversial MP advocated for the “balkanization of India”.The new issue emerged a day after the Supreme Court criticized DMK leader Udhayanidhi Stalin for his controversial ‘Sanatan Dharma' statements.

“Hate rhetoric from the DMK's stable continues unabated. After Udhayanidhi Stalin's appeal to abolish Sanatan Dharma, it is now A Raja who asks for India's balkanization, mocks Bhagwan Ram, disparages Manipuris, and doubts the concept of India as a nation,” he wrote on X.

Amit Malviya shared a video of the speech in Tamil. He also provided an English version of the reported remarks.

“India isn't a nation. Understand this thoroughly. India was never a nation. One nation means one language, customs, and culture. Then there is just one nation. India is not a country, but a subcontinent. What is the reason? Tamil represents both a nation and a country. Malayalam is a single language, one nation, and one country. Oriya is a nation, language, and country. All of these nations make up India. So India is not a country, but rather a subcontinent. There are countless traditions and cultures. If you visit Tamil Nadu, you will encounter culture. In Kerala, there is another culture. In Delhi, there is another culture. In Oriya, there is another culture. Why, as RS Bharathi stated, do Manipur people eat dog meat? Yes, they do eat. That is a culture. There is nothing wrong. “It is all in our minds.” A Raja stated, according to Amit Malviya's translation.

According to Amit Malviya, A Raja stated that “we are enemies of Ram”.

“If you claim this is God. We will never accept your Jai Sri Ram or Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Tamil Nadu will not accept. You go and inform them that we are Ram's opponents. I have no confidence in the Ramayana or Lord Rama. If you state that the name of the Ramayana means human harmony and that four brothers are born as siblings, one Kuravar, one Hunter, another monkey, and another monkey as the sixth brother, then your Jai Sri Ram is Chi! Idiots!” he exclaimed.

The top priest of Ayodhya's Hanuman Garhi temple has reacted sharply to a Raja's supposed speech.

“Whatever the DMK leader said is unacceptable. The entire globe is saying ‘Ram may'…”We will write to the Prime Minister and the President about this,” stated Ramesh Das.

Union Minister Anurag Thakur stated that the DMK leader is a member of the tukde-tukde gang.

“They are the ones who trash Hindi, talk about ending India, support the ‘tukde tukde' gang, and shout ‘Pakistan Zindabad' when their leader wins the Rajya Sabha elections. They are the ones who seek to ruin Indian culture. They formed the ‘INDI' coalition, but their hubris is showing through. What compelled them to shout ‘Pakistan Zindabad' cries and encourage the ‘tukde-tukde' gang not once, but several times?” he asked.

BJP MP Ravi Shankar Prasad also attacked the INDIA bloc and the Congress.

“It is clear that the INDI Alliance's political aim includes demeaning India's ethos, publically shaming Hindu Gods, and attacking the fundamental concept of India… “Is Congress willing to go so low for political gain that they will accept such comments?” he said.

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